Expansion / Contraction Joints

All concrete, once placed, will contract slightly during the curing process; this is the primary cause of small surface cracks that appear during the curing process. When set, concrete will expand and/or contract slightly with ambient temperature.

Block & Wall Joints

Joint sealants function as an integral component of the building envelope, protecting the structure from damaging moisture ingress caused by wind, gravity, capillary force, surface tension, and air pressure differentials. While they only constitute a small percentage of a construction budget, joint sealants and other waterproofing-related issues are responsible for a majority of post-construction complaints and requests for retrofits. Poorly designed, manufactured or installed joint sealants often need to be replaced in as few as two to five years after construction, at a considerable cost to stakeholders.

Saw Cuts / Floor Joints

Ideal for construction joints between concrete slabs, factory and warehouse floors, car parks, garages, petrol station forecourts.

Acoustic Sound Proofing

Acoustic Sealant is a high quality water borne intumescent sealant, which also provides excellent acoustic properties. Its non-drying and non-hardening characteristics allow it to retain its acoustic properties over time.

Intumescent Fire Seal

We supply and fit fully certified intumescent seals to meet the requirements of most installations as well as a full range of other passive fire protection products.

Windows & Door Frames

Protect window and door frame sealant provides a superior performance siliconised polyurethane sealant for sealing metal, wood and uPVC frames, cladding and plastic sheeting.

Bath, Kitchen Sanitary & Wet Areas

These products contains a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth, and can be overpainted. Their added benefits include permanently flexibility, adheres to most surfaces, mould resistant, overpaintable, easy clean up by wiping with a wet cloth.

Joist Ends

Provides a fast and effective solution to reduce air leakage through ‘pocket masonry’ in block wall. Once installed, it removes the need for mastic sealant around the perimeter of joists.

Lead Work Joints

Specifically designed for pointing joints between Lead and masonry or brickwork. Lead Pointing Sealant is a low modular neutral cure silicone sealant which gives a permanent, flexible, waterproof joint that can withstand the different rates of thermal movement of Lead and masonry during temperature changes.

Curtain Walls

The application of curtain wall sealant greatly reduces the air and moisture permeation as well as reduces energy loss around the perimeter of the curtainwall.

Glass to Glass

Glass sealant is a high performance, one-part silicone sealant that offers excellent adhesion (usually without a primer), weatherability, elasticity and long life reliability for glazing.


A sealant specifically developed for use for grouting and sealing around sanitary ware and fixings to give anti pick and anti vandalism joints such as in HM prisons.  It is also suitable for use in perimeter sealing of doors and windows as well as heavy duty joints in floors and walls.


Tank sealant is a corrosion resistant composite for the internal coating of rusty and corroded steel petrol tanks and stops leaks from 'pinholes'.

Clean Rooms

Used for sealing on floors, walls, ceilings and window frames of the clean room and around light fittings and installation units.

One Part / Two Part

Speciality one part and two part silicone adhesive systems offer flexible adhesive traits together with the aptitude to withstand high temperatures, resistance to water and superb electrical insulation properties. Silicone compounds are applied for adhesive bonding to glass, plastics, metals and rubber substrates.

Swimming Pools

We use sealant that has been specifically designed to be used in the installation, maintenance and repair of swimming pools, hot tubs and jucuzzies. This sealant has the special properties of being resistant to Chlorine in the concentration required for swimming pool disinfectation, non-corrosive, UV resistant and high adhesive strength to many substrates.

Air Test

If your building exceeds a certain size, or is a domestic property, you can't hand it over to the client without a valid air leakage test certificate. Part L of the Buildings Regulations requires that all buildings that are not dwellings, and that have a gross floor area greater than 500m2, be subject to a mandatory air permeability test. L2 requires that for domestic dwellings a representative sample of houses (in a development) be tested. A1 Sealants are experienced in sealing for air tests - call us for more details.